Certificate Course on

Integrated Livestock Farming

  • Unique Feature: Broiler, Layer, Duck, Goat
  • Organic Livestock Farming
  • Mentor:Samik Gupta, Member, IUCN-CEC
  • Course Duration: 1 / 2 / 4 Months
  • Prospect: Given Below

Upto 100% Scholarship Available on Merit Basis

Rural Livelihood and Integrated Livestock Farming

Boosting agricultural production almost comes to a stagnation point due to over use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, coupled with per capita land availability is very low in West Bengal. Small and marginal farmers, especially the women need to shift from agriculture to livestock farming. That is the only silver-lining to empower the rural women as per the rapid change in urban dietary pattern and increase in market demand for animal protein and its various products. For example, ICMR recommended poultry meat requirement in India is 11 kg per person per year, whereas the present poultry production in India is only 2.9 kg per person per year. Similarly, the Production-Demand Gap (PDG) can also be observed in case of hatchery, dairy, goatery, piggery, fishery and few other livestock sectors as well. So there is a huge opening for working in this sector as Livestock Advisor, Consultant, Skill Trainer and to serve the society by generating rural livelihood, especially for the women. Considering the ground reality RBRF has launched the above applied training course for the rural development professionals and social workers at large.