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Forthcoming Event: 9th June 2023
Venue: Gosaba, Sundarban, West Bengal

Civil society philanthropic support program to the Tiger Widows and Fisher Women of Indian Sundarbans. Interested persons may contact us for their historic participation and active involvement in social work.

Forthcoming Event: 9th August 2023
Venue: Belpahari, Jhargram, West Bengal

Civil society philanthropic support Initiative to develop a "Model Tribal Village" for the most neglected 'Sabar' tribe. Interested persons may contact us for their historic participation and active involvement in social work.

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Planting and Restoring Sundarbans

Target : 2000 Plants / Year / Donation Details

RBRF has already taken serious inishietive in mangrove plantation and restoration of indian Sundarban, as we have already lost more than 5000 sq. km. of it's historic territory out of 9500 sq.km., since 1775. Then the British Govt. has leased-out to 144 Jamindars against a certain amount of monthly revenue. This is just within 246 years; we have already lost 5000 sq.km. of Mangrove chunk due to massive deforestation for human settlement and expansion of agriculture. Actually, it continued till 1972. A large influx of Bangladeshi refugees has sheltered in and around the Sundarbans that time. ...more

Rescuing and Conserving Wildlife

Target : 500 Animals / Year / Donation Details

According to the renowned philosopher Roman Grey, “there is nothing in Nature to prove that it cares more for human species than for daffodils. If the balance of Nature is threatened, she will always try to restore her balance at whatever the costs. If endangered by us, Nature will strike back and no more concern for Michel Angelo, Picasso or Rabindranath Tagore. Mother Nature has no favorite among the species, darling”. ...more

Helping the tiger widows of Sundarban

Target : 80 Beneficiaries / Year / Donation Details

A large number of Sundarban Villegers are engaged in capture fisheries; frequenters in dense mangrove forest for collecting the livelihoods, i.e. fish, crab, honey etc. Resulting tiger attack and instant death, almost in a regular interval! Their widows are as ill-fated as they find difficult to survive with their children! Dire poverty urges them to go for some life-threating or somehow risky steps in life. ...more

Skilling and Providing Alternative Livelihood to the Fisher Women

Target : 200 Beneficiaries / Year / Donation Details

This is unfortunate that some 1700 Fisher Women of Gosaba block, Indian Sundarban are leading miserable lives to manage a square meal per day! They are compelled to capture fish and crabs on the densely marshy rivulets and channels which are located at close proximity to the Sundarban Tiger Reserve (STR). As ill-fated as the women, are often killed by Tigers or fetched by the Crocodiles!...more

Associate Divisions

This divisions run with the mission of Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation

Nature Indian Wildlife Division

Rbrf-Nature Indian Group is conducting training courses on Wildlife Photography, Journalism, Filming & Public Speaking.

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Nature Indian Film Division

RBRF Nature Indian Group produced a number of documentary and short films over 25 years.

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Nature Indian Tourism Division

The Sundarban is not only a tiger reserve or national park but already declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, 1987.

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